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Design and Technology 9481 AS and A Level Past Papers

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12/01/2023 : Design and technology 9481 October November 2022 Past Papers of A Levels are Updated.


15/08/2022 : Design and technology 9481 Past Papers of Feb March and May June 2022 are now Available.


  • Component 1 Portfolio
  • Component 2 Externally Set Assignment
  • Component 3 Personal Investigation (A Level only)

This syllabus covers photography, film, animation, moving image and design for multimedia.

This syllabus is not available to private candidates.

For AS and A Level Digital Media and Design (9481), all work should be submitted electronically via Secure Exchange.

For component 1, Portfolio, the themes are listed in the syllabus. Candidates should choose a theme and develop a project based on the theme and the suggestions in the syllabus. The coursework can be submitted during the test window, but can be completed at any time before this.

The question paper for component Externally Set Assignment will be available from the School Support Hub and, if you have made a final entry, the DFD (Digital File Despatch).

The question paper will only be available in an electronic form and will be available to download from the School Support Hub on 1 January for the May/June series, 1 July for the October/November series.

Once the paper is available for you to download, you can distribute it how you prefer. However, students must have a copy of the complete question paper.

The preparatory period for component 2 Externally Set Assignment is at least 4 weeks.

You can schedule the test any time after the paper is released as long as the work is produced during the test window and that students have at least four weeks preparatory period.

  • June series: 1 January to 30 April
  • November series: 1 July to 31 October

The 10 hour test can be held over several days, ideally consecutive days (excluding weekends).

If a candidate has finished before the full examination time, they may leave the examination without disturbing the other candidates. However, they will not be allowed back into the examination if they then decide to return later.

Digital Media and Design examinations are taken under examination conditions and standard invigilation requirements apply. Arrangements should be in place for supervised rest breaks, please refer to the Cambridge Handbook here for more information.

Digital submissions must be made via our Secure Exchange platform. See the guide to submitting work for 9481 available on the public website.

There is not an option for hard copy despatch for this syllabus.

Each syllabus is separate and candidates must not switch between the two. They can do both Art and Design and Digital Media and Design as two qualifications, but the work produced for each syllabus must be separate.

Yes, candidates can specialise or move between specialisms depending on the resources available at your centre and the type of work they are interested in.

The work produced for this component should be submitted via our Secure Exchange. A blog is a good way of recording progress though and could be used for teaching and learning. Please see the guide to submitting work for 9481 for clearer guidance about the file formats that are acceptable.

For component 2 candidates can use a laptop to produce their work. It should be checked before the test starts to ensure that the supporting studies are complete and that there is no finished work for the exam that has been pre-prepared and stored. Candidates should not be able to access the internet during the test but must be able to save their work at the end in a suitable format to be uploaded for submission to Cambridge.

All exam work should be held securely overnight where the exam is split over two or more sessions. The supporting studies should not be worked on once the exam has started. Candidates should be aware of this before using their own laptops or computers. They will need to leave their laptop or computer at the centre overnight.

For more information and materials on this syllabus, please visit our School Support Hub here.


📑 Update(s):

24/08/2023 :

CAIE A Levels, O Levels and IGCSE 2023 Past Papers of March and May /June are updated

24/03/2023 :

CAIE A Levels have new 2022 Updated Topical Past Papers with Answers. Exclusively available on PapaCambridge

12/01/2023 :

October and November 2023 Past Papers of CAIE are updated.

2022 and 2023 Updates :

17/10/2022 Past Papers section is upgraded.


May June 2022 and Feb March 2022 Past Papers are updated.

if any paper paper is still missing, please report using the Contact Us! tab.


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